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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Feeling my southern side

Hello everyone! How was your Memorial Day weekend? I had a relaxing time poolside and playing with recipes in the kitchen. I made myself and my fiance delicious homemade ravioli stuffed with fresh ricotta. It was tough work, but it came out nicely. I also wanted to test a new recipe I found for red velvet cake. Let me just say that red velvet has never been my favorite cake. I know, I know, everyone LOVES it, but I just feel like it's not really a chocolate cake, but it's not vanilla. It's a vanilla cake masquerading as a chocolate, if you will. This doesn't stop me from wanting to find the perfectest, moistest cake recipe ever! I found a southern cookbook who claimed to have the best so I wanted to see what made this cake so great. Well, we tried it for dessert last night and I have to admit it was pretty delish. It had a very creamy cream cheese frosting and a light yet fairly moist texture. I still haven't turned to the red velvety side of life, but I guess I can admit, I have a little more respect for it now!

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