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Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic excitement!

Happy Friday everyone! It's Olympic day, which excites me like crazy! I am a summer Olympics fan. In honor of my favorite sporting event, I've been trying to think like an athlete. If I were to eat a dessert (they do on occasion!), what would I want? Since it's summer time it needs to be something light, easy, and seasonally appropriate. Since we don't eat desserts for health reasons, why deprive yourself a delicious treat? Just make it bite-sized! Tarts are a great idea for a summery, Olympic-friendly dessert, because they're small and can be loaded up with fresh berries and fruits! Recreate your own Olympic rings using the different colors of fruits. Tart recipes are also super easy, just look for a tartlet baking sheet  or mini tart pans with removable bottoms. Pick your favorite pastry dough recipe, an quick custardy filling, and use your sharpened knives (see the last post!) and slice fruit. Lay it on top of your mini tarts and you have a fabulously fun Olympic dessert! Happy baking!

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