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Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Cupcakes, Ho Ho Ho!

Happy Monday all! It's already pretty late; chili's on the stove; The Sing Off is on my TV...and I've got pictures (and cupcakes) ready to rock! These special red velvet cupcakes with perfectly sweet-but-not-overpoweringly-so cream cheese frosting are going to a lot of co-workers who could use a holiday season pick me up!

Now for your tip of the day: Where to get those cool little cupcake liners/boxes in a hurry? The gift giving season is upon us (or passed, depending on if you celebrated the absurdly early Hannukah this year, as I did) and sometimes we don't have time to order online (or, do you really wanna spend $30 on 2 day shipping when the product only costs $10?)! I've got a few spots for you to check out for specialty cake accessories to save you time this year - but next year, order online, in September!

Local supermarket: They've always got the basics. Lately they've had some interesting new cupcake liners and disposable foil tins with plastic lids. Just beware, their stuff is often expensive!

Target: You're probably saying, duuuuuh. But have you looked in their holiday section? There are so many new, cute cookie cutters/cupcake liners/accessories.

Michaels: This store has it all! They usually have 2-3 aisles full of boxes, liners, pastry equipment, etc. Try here first - you won't be sorry.

See you tomorrow!

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