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Monday, January 6, 2014

Post Holiday Pounds

Happy Monday everyone and Happy New Year! After a very hectic holiday season, I am back with more posts! We've had lots of fun baking and cooking and enjoying the holidays in our house and I've got the pictures to show for it (finally!). While you continue to exercise and detox, let's just sit back and enjoy the picture display!

Christmas cookie plate! Rainbows, meringues, Italian ricotta,
pecan shortbread, and madeleines!

Nutella buns for Christmas brunch! YUM.

Ricotta frittata - fun to say and fun to eat with spicy tomato sauce.

Rosemary roasted potatoes

New Year's Eve dinner! Appetizers are octopus salad and calamari.

For the main course: Sweet potato ricotta gnocchi and beef bolognese.

Before midnight - vanilla bean creme brulee and burnt sugar ice cream.
And after the new year, I got to play with my delightful new present - a mandoline. Check out these homemade and healthy apple chips!

Hope your baking was as fun as mine!

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