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Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl: We Can At Least Agree on the Food

Happy Monday! The post-Super Bowl weather is dreary and dull here in the tri-state. Perfect kind of weather for baking (or just thinking about desserts). Yesterday's feast included a happy combination of fried and healthy appetizers, and finished with homemade Tahitian vanilla ice cream and a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie cake. I'm always dreaming about cookie cakes so the Super Bowl is the perfect excuse to make one. My recipe came from an old Mrs. Fields cookbook; but you can use any cookie recipe.

This leads me to today's tip:

When making a GIANT cookie, you can use your favorite cookie recipe, just roll out the dough on a big cookie sheet (use 2 pieces of wax paper or parchment paper if it's sticky - maybe even a dusting of flour if it's unmanageable). The most important thing is to watch it closely when you put it in the oven: it takes a lot of extra time!! Start with 10 minutes, rotate, and do another 10. After that, it's time for 8-10 minute increments, just keep watching. You want the inside a little underdone, but not so much that it's gooey. Make sure the outside is crisping; it should be golden allover. Once cool, a nice cream cheese frosting is the perfect accompaniment.

Happy baking!

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