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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ice Cream Cake!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I treated my husband to a very intense Father's Day cake this year: an ice cream cake made for small, rich bites! I chose a recipe that reminded me of my childhood favorite, Carvel ice cream cakes (Fudgie the whale anyone?) but turned up the intensity with extra cake layers! Check me out:

From bottom: Devil's food cake, fresh hot fudge, chocolate crunchies, salted caramel gelato, vanilla cake, hot fudge, crunchies, and homemade whipped cream.

How do you make a great ice cream cake at home? Choose your fave cake recipe, add layers of softened ice cream between layers. Your best bet to keep it clean and contained is to create the layers inside a springform pan, wrapped with parchment paper for easy removal and freezing between layers so it stays firm as you build up. The best part about an ice cream cake is that there really is no right or wrong! You just add cake and ice cream as you choose, top with some whipped cream or chocolate ganache and freeze until ready to serve!

Have fun and happy baking!

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