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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Taking flight!

Hello my lovely readers; I hope you're having a good Wednesday. My posts are brief this week because I've been very busy between my last vacation and this weekend...I'll be making cupcakes for a wedding. Since I've got a lot to make and I've got to take a plane to get there, I've had to set up a game plan. I'm making half the cupcakes from home, and the other half on-site. Bringing any kind of food on a plane is always nerve-wracking, but I've done it before (successfully). If you're planning to bring desserts on a plane, be sure to put it in your carry-on (I hope that's obvious) because it's fragile. It needs extra care! As long as you don't have liquids, you're really okay. I've brought preserve-filled brownies just fine, as well as regular brownies (which are very rich and fudgey...don't forget to order yours today. Contact me through my website!) It always makes me a bit nervous, after all I've spent all day baking and I would be so upset if someone tried to take my desserts away, but it shouldn't be a problem. When in doubt, offer the airport workers a sample. Happy baking (and happy flying!)!!!

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