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Monday, November 12, 2012

Make it look pretty!

It's Monday again! I hope you all survived. I believe I was unable to post on Friday, so I'm sorry about that...I've got a tip today to make up for it! With Thanksgiving coming up, you may be asked/offering to bake the pies. Don't let the little things slip by...don't use a foil pie tin from the supermarket and call it a day. You spend so long creating a delicious dish (hopefully from crust to filling, as I'll post some recipes soon), you want it to look magnificent! Be sure to buy a beautiful pie dish to show off your hard work. Williams-Sonoma makes a more expensive Emile Henry artisan ruffled dishes, while you can find glass or stoneware ruffles at Crate and Barrel for less money. (Yes there are a lot of ruffles...if you saw my wedding dress, you would understand my obsession!)

To decorate the top of your pie, be sure to get some fall cookie cutters so you can cut a little of the extra pie crust dough and bake it on top!

Happy baking! Check back for pie recipes soon...

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