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Monday, June 24, 2013

Petite Cheesecakes!

Mini classic cheesecake with mint crust
Happy Monday everyone! Yesterday was my birthday so I did one of my favorite things - I baked. I made two kinds of cheesecake. One is a 6 inch, made in the mixer, classic flavor with sour cream topping, and a Thin Mint crust. Interestingly enough it was a bit tricky to unmold it from my springform pan, compared to my second cake. I also made an 8 inch banana chocolate marble cheesecake, made in the Cuisinart. It had a smooth, uncracked top, and an easy to unmold consistency. Maybe it was because the recipe had you open the turned off oven door for 15 minutes after baking. I was pretty proud since cheesecakes don't tend to be a go-to recipe for me. They received rave reviews and were gone by the end of the day. I'd call it a success!

8in banana marble cheesecake

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