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Monday, October 6, 2014

Back to Basics: Cookie Making 101

Happy Monday everyone! Another week; another batch of freshly baked cookies. I made a box of delicious chocolate chip oatmeal sandwich cookies, filled with chocolate cream cheese frosting, for a special wedding anniversary. As I was baking away, I realized that we don't often get back to basics on what different culinary terms mean and what they look like in person. In an attempt to fix this problem, I've taken pictures through the step-by-step cookie process. Here's how it goes:

Chopped walnuts and coarsely ground oats

Sifted flour mixture: usually includes salt, leavening agent, and flour -
always sift first! Get those hard chunks out!

Butter-sugar mix

Mixing in action!

Mixing butter + sugar = creaming.
Creaming process almost complete. See lightened color?

Fluffy, light color - creamed to perfection!

Looks a little yellow? This is after the eggs, added one by one, and the vanilla.

Oats, walnuts, and chocolate chips, oh my!

One last stir with a spatula

Even mounds, a few inches apart on the baking sheet

Cooling on the silpat.

Filled and boxed!

Happy baking!

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