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Monday, April 11, 2016

Fondant Decor

Happy Monday! I spent the week making an extravagant bridal shower cake, topped with a big, poofy fondant bow. Let's break down the details of how to make this show-stopping bow!

  1. Make sure your fondant is pliable and soft; this requires a little kneading (think bread dough). Be sure to keep your fondant double wrapped in plastic while not using it...fondant hardens as it sits in the open air. 
  2. Using a fondant rolling pin, roll out a piece of fondant into a rectangle (perhaps about 1/4" thick, 8x10" wide for easier control. Cut strips about 3/4" thick.
  3. Paint a dab of royal icing on the bottom of one end and place a 6" piece gum paste wire on top. Fold the other end of fondant to meet and pinch until the two ends hold together. Place the loop on its side (on parchment! Don't let it stick!) overnight to harden. 
  4. Continue the process until you make 30-40 pieces (occasionally some will break as you lift them).
  5. Day 2: Make a ball of fondant as the base of your bow. Attach a row of loops into the ball like a 2D flower. Attach a little bit of fondant to the ball - another layer of ribbons. Another little ball and a few more ribbons. As you attach ribbon on top of ribbon, the spacing will get tighter and smaller, giving it more of a poofy, 3D appearance. Be sure to cover up the balls of fondant in the center so the bow looks seamless as it gets bigger.
Good luck and happy baking!

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