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Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Anniversary Extravaganza!

Hello again my lovely readers! Yesterday was my husband and my first year anniversary. We spent the entire weekend celebrating with food (shocker), starting with a special dinner at Marea Saturday night. After that, my original menu for the actual anniversary evening at home changed. Rather than sticking to homemade ravioli - delicious but really heavy - we went with our favorite number 2: the grill! So I made a wonderfully meaty Indonesian Grilled Swordfish, zucchini/red onions/patty pan squash (yum!) in my favorite grill pan (this one is similar, but mine is square) with removable handle (trust me, you want one of these pans!!!), and a really delicious bulgur salad with figs, radicchio, and parsley. For dessert we had (of course!) the top tier of our wedding cake - carrot cake made by the fabulously talented Ann Amernick and (I couldn't resist)  homemade burnt sugar low fat ice cream with bittersweet chocolate chips. If that wasn't enough, we also FINALLY opened a bottle of wine from our pre-wedding trip to Napa, Von Strasser cab. Such a fun night!!! 

My recommendation for you today is to buy Raising the Salad Bar by Catherine Walthers. This is one of my absolute favorite cookbooks. It is filled with salads of all kinds - meat, poultry, fish, bean, grain, leafy, potato...salad has it all! The aforementioned bulgur wheat salad comes from here, but I like to play with it, exchanging figs for apricots. You can really do anything as well, as this book lends itself to a lot of experimentation. It's really fabulous! So with that, enjoy your Monday my wonderful and faithful readers. See you tomorrow!

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