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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Day of Eating in Provincetown, Mass

Happy Tuesday everyone! Last night's dinner was at the Wicked Oyster, a fairly good (if not a bit quirky) restaurant in Wellfleet. Everyone forgives the forgetful hostess who has been there forever and is hit or miss in the pleasantries. Luckily the food was good, the drinks were cheap, and our server was a delight!  

Clam strips!
Today's adventures brought me and my husband on a 5-6 mile bike ride, followed by a trip drinking and eating our way through Provincetown. Though the Carnival is on Thursday, along with big crowds and long lines, we ventured out to town to see if we could hit our favorite food spots. After a delicious smoothie at 141 Market, my favorite place for all natural and quality ingredients, we headed down to the shops (all surprisingly empty for almost noon) and over to a quiet beer garden hidden down the road. Feeling somewhat renewed after imbibing, we headed down the other end of Commercial Street (a main stretch of Provincetown) over to Governor Bradford, my absolute favorite for clam strips!
You may not know this about me, but I'm an absolute sucker for a good clam strip. I dream of them all summer, knowing I'll be able to visit Governor Bradford in August. They are battered and always crisp, accompanied by tartar sauce and my own healthy serving of ketchup. That, along with a handful of my husband's sweet potato fries (also really delicious...I love my French fries sweet, crispy, and well-seasoned) it was the perfect meal. And while I may have told my husband I've officially had enough clam strips after my appetizer-sized portion, if I'm being honest I will most likely be ready for round two tomorrow. Sigh. Dreamy.

After a delightfully filling lunch of fried delights, we decided to keep moving. We were on a mission for coffee at Wired Puppy. The name alone makes me love it...not to mention their deep dark chocolate espresso beans. Distracting my hubby from another round of ice cream (there's a place I must "re-try" but I need to pace myself here), we split a bag of crunchy beans and continued our journey to more shops and adventures. We scoped out the scene for a restaurant we were tipped off about by a local then headed back down to the opposite end of commercial street for a drink at Aqua Bar. This place sits very casually along the water, with views of gently swaying little sailboats and a man playing in the water with his three dogs (including a very active 3-legged Boston terrier mix...the breed of my own love muffin puppers). It sits at the end of a food hall, where people bring their foods from their travels along Commercial Street to eat, drink, and enjoy the view. We sat there for a bit, enjoying the 3-legged fuzzball, then called my parents to bring our own little ball of fluff and their happy golden down to the huuuuge dog park for a romp in the pebbles and sand. All dogs tired and tuckered out, we came back to the house to relax before a delicious raw meal (another Cape Cod tradition) at a very busy restaurant...we hope. Check back with me tomorrow for more adventures and intrigue!

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