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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lots of Exercise = Lots of Food Adventures!

Sandwiches at Jams
Yesterday was such a busy day, I fell asleep before I could post pictures of all the local eats! Wednesday morning found my husband and I in a kayak, paddling around Gull Pond. (We won't mention the fact that I jumped in, scared myself into thinking there was something lurking below, and frantically trying to pour myself back into the boat). After kayaking we hopped on our bikes and headed back to Jams Grocery, but this time for freshly made sandwiches for a trip to the beach. Well, we didn't make it to the beach. Surrounded by picnic benches and wooden lounge chairs, it was too picturesque to just leave (and we'd just rode 2 1/2 miles to get there). With a tall, refreshing glass of hibiscus iced tea, we chose a lovely quiet table shaded by a big umbrella, and dived into our sandwiches - mine a caprese panini (with fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil on whole wheat) and Alex a pastrami on a sourdough roll. We shared a brownie (not a Lizzy Bee's brownie, but delicious in its own way: oddly cakey and crumbly yet slightly dense, filled with rich chocolate chunks).

Why hello there...
After riding back from our lunch excursion, we headed to a relaxing afternoon on the beach...the main event was yet to come! That night, we had one of my favorite Cape Cod traditions: the clam bake! Lobsters, oysters, clams, fresh corn, oh my! With the help of my husband (who am I kidding, I sat at a safe 2-chair distance and watched) my lobster was opened and I was able to dunk, dip, and slurp happily like the rest of the table. Dinner led to dessert, which my father so thoughtfully brought back from town. A homemade blueberry pie from Wellfleet and vanilla ice cream from Emack & Bolio. I may be coming home 10 pounds heavier at this rate...

Ice cream and blueberry pie

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