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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Romantic Rosh Hashanah For Two

Hello everyone! I hope your day is sunny and cheerful. My new year's meal last night turned out deliciously! Though there were only 2 of us, we have enough to feed us for the next two weeks! But who cares, it was deeeeelicious! Here are a few photos of the spread:
A homemade round vanilla challah -
perfect for the holiday!
Matzo ball soup in a veggie broth (for me, of course)...
check out the china! I remembered to use it!

The meal! I made brisket bathed in red wine for my husband (not shown),
gefilte with carrots (my fave...not for the faint of heart), and Granny's sweet kugel (not to be missed!)
Voila! The grand finale: my beautifully moist, insanely addictive honey cake!

Thanks for checking out my holiday table. More dessert posts tomorrow!

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