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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Even Steven...cake.

In order to make a beautiful, level cake, you need to have perfectly even cake layers. It might seem impossible, but with the right equipment you'll be able to level your cake. It is important to have two tools for creating even layers:

A high-quality turntable (such as this one from Ateco:

A serrated cake knife

Once you've taken your cake layers out of the oven, cooled completely, then allowed to chill in the freezer for a short period of time, they will be easier to cut without crumbling. Place one layer on top of a cardboard cake round on top of your turntable. Slowly using your cake knife, start cutting the cake through the center, rotating the table as you go. Remove your top half and put aside. Trim the uneven part of the cake to make it a clean layer. Do the same with the top part, as well as the other cake rounds you've baked earlier. By using a turntable, it is easier to cut the cake into even layers.

Don't get discouraged...this takes practice. When baking, everything needs to be done slowly and gently because desserts are delicate. Happy baking!

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