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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My own breakfast club

I'll be starting a new cooking session next week; 6 classes for K-2nd graders. I've been asked to choose a theme, and I've decided to introduce children to their favorite breakfast foods, reinvented. Often breakfast foods get a stigma of being very unhealthy and full of carbs. My goal is to take some of the kids' favorites (or Sunday brunch favs) and make them just a bit healthier. It's all about portion control and creating full flavor with less fat. This week I'll be brainstorming ways to recreate pancakes, muffins, French toast, eggs, granola, and other delicious breakfasts. I already have many recipes from chefs I admire; they show that you don't have to compromise flavor in order to reduce calories and carbs. Stay tuned this week and next, and I'll give you some fantastic foods to try! Happy baking!

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