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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Picture perfect desserts

Here's your tip of the day! To make photo-ready cookies, it's important to have them an equal size. This becomes especially important when making sandwich cookies. After all, you don't want a sandwich with uneven halves! They become too messy! In order to keep each cookie about the same size, choose an ice cream scoop (I like to use one about the size of a golf ball) and scoop the dough, evening your scoop on the side of your mixing bowl. Put each cookie on parchment-lined paper or silpats (the best nonstick invention ever!) and bake as directed. Let your cookies cool completely before removing from cookie sheet. Or, if you only have 2 sheets and you need to bake off more cookies, let them cool 5 minutes and remove entire lining from cookie sheet, cooling on sheet tray. Replace the lining and add a new row of cookies. Your cookies will be picture perfect!

Happy baking!

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