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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Overestimating on Earth day

Hello my readers! Sorry for the delay. After making my cake this weekend, I overestimated on the amount of cannoli happens to the best of us! Math was never my strong suit! At any rate, when something like this happens, I hate to waste. In keeping with the Earth day tradition, I like to reuse extra desserts. To cut even cake layers, I had to take off large pieces of cake. However, this led to the unsuspected surprise of making mini cakes with the scraps. They were beautiful and delicious and no one knew where they came from. At any rate, my current situation is that I have extra cannoli cream...not enough for a new cake, but too much to throw away. What will I do, you ask? I've decided to make fabulous cannoli cookie sandwiches with the extra, and I will bring them to someone who might enjoy the tasty treat. In these tough economic times, it's important to try not to waste materials...and it's wonderful to make someone smile in the process!

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